Hardwax Oil and Wax finish for a professional, reliable look on your wood floor

Treatex Hardwax applied to a wooden floor after our floor sanding service.

Oil is an organic finish that is popular for its natural look and ease of maintenance. It has good water-repellent characteristics as well as abrasion and scuff resistance.

After our dust-free sanding service on your restoration of the floors in your house, company or business, your wood floor will look amazing but this isn’t the final step the wood floor will undergo.

Treatex hardwax is a next-generation floor Hardwax for a finished wood floor in your house or commercial company, after floor sanding has been finished it will enhance any job undertaken on a wooden floor to transform it into a beautifully finished floor.

The service team loads the machines in the vans, sanding over and completely dust free and, this isn’t the end for the guys, its time to make the parquet floors and floorboards shine with quality and finished to perfection!

With superior quality designed to enhance the room and protect the beauty of the wood floor in the floor boards and any and all your interior floor timber surfaces to the family house or commercial business.

Colour Tones applied to a wood floor, an extra quality service, adding that bit of colour to the wood floors in commercial, residential, professional customer projects.

Treatex Colour wood floor tones service has been designed to give you a beautiful range of colours for any wood job with which you can change how your wood floor, doors, stairs and worktops look and feel, without hiding the grain or the beauty of the wood floor.

This is a very natural colour finish used in many residential and commercial quality settings to give customers and clients value in their project, just making the look that extra glint of fantastic!

Colour matching?

This allows you to match the colours in your home when every piece of wood is different, being that every tree is unique and every room is different. 

Treatex Wood Colour floor Tones penetrate deep and fill into the wood floors and enhance its beauty and quality, very much like a stain but giving more natural colour to our projects, manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials and then completed with natural pigments in the wood used to colour.

Hardwax Ultra definitely follows the success of residential and commercial current formulas benefits to the customer of being user-friendly, easy to apply and quick-drying and we highly recommend it for your floors, all whilst improving ease of application and the durability of the finish on any wooden hardwood floor or parquet floor.

The end result is a hard-wearing and attractive finish in any situation including; floors, doors, stairs, furniture and kitchen worktops that are easy to maintain with our maintenance products and is spot repairable if the surface is damaged, giving a professional finish

Treatex Hardwax Ultra is based on a formulation of sustainable raw materials that include Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, Linseed oil, Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil. It contains no biocides or preservatives.

Why should I use Treatex Hardwax on my wooden floors?

…The unique formulation of Treatex Hardwax and our application process allows for a simple and quick 4 step process that requires no special equipment or preparation enabling us to preserve and protect your wood flooring.

It can be used on new wood and old floors, hardwood and softwood and in addition, can be applied to all interior surfaces such as doors, skirting and furniture.

Making a statement when friends visit, looking fantastic and cost-effective, reliable family floor protection option giving value to the property.

How do we use Treatex Hardwax on customers floorboards during a restoration project be that after floor repairs or a general service of applying to a sanded flooring service using our team of amazing technicians?

The unique formulation of Treatex allows the product to go onto the surface in the room easily when using a cloth or brush, however when excess build-up occurs it is easily removed with a lint-free cloth moistened in water.

For best results we recommend that you apply two coats after the sanding process allowing for at least 4 hours between each coat, we will revisit the property as needed to re-apply on the floor.

When the existing completed service project is completed the certified helpful professional technician will give free advice throughout the property on care and maintenance and fill out a satisfaction form with you.

The final drying time on site depends on humidity levels but typically takes an hour or two until touch dry to clients and 24 – 48 hours before walking over (depending on conditions). …

Treatex oil can be applied to any wooden floors. It looks amazing on hardwood floors once the dust-free sanding process is completed. Colour tones add that range of colour, giving the floors a warm flooring feel.

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